Sure you’re doing OK, but you know you could be doing a whole lot more to really step into the vision you want to create. And yet, here you are, stuck in the rut of hiding out until you have perfect clarity, feel ready and convince yourself the time is just right. Playing small with your ideas, hoping that tomorrow you’ll find the courage you need to go after them. 

Because you and I both know ideas are easy. It’s the implementation that’s hard.

Hey I’m Tash

discovery coach & mentor

I understand your struggle. Better yet, I can help you through it. I help emerging entrepreneurs from all over the globe get clear on their big ideas, and Master the MindShit that stands in their way.

As the creator of the Think Big Start Small podcast, a regular writer and contributor for, collaborator with Team Women Australia and guest contributor on podcasts and publications worldwide, my goal with all my work is to help women discover the best version of themselves.

If you’re done with playing small, I’d love you to join me on this adventure!

“Natasha has given me the clarity, inspiration and support I desperately needed to move forward in my current business and explore new opportunities in where my true passion lies. The supportive and inspiring environment that Natasha has created is the perfect incubator to help you find true clarity and direction. Her knowledge and guidance is invaluable in peeling back the layers to finding your true direction.” Marie Broderick | THE GROW AGENCY

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