Clarity Base Camp is perfect for you if:

You want to get really clear on your big idea.
You want to figure out which direction to take your business.
You want to work out where your next step is from the corporate career your're dreaming of escaping.

 At Clarity Base Camp we do things a little bit differently. Rather than simply looking at your CV or where you are right now, we take a step back and dive into your Story, Style & Experience. From there we start to connect the dots around which action steps you need to take.

You'll walk away with a beautiful Clarity Map showing you exactly what you need to pay attention to, what you can let go of, and which steps you need to take next.

Join the Clarity Base Camp rerun kicking off Tuesday 18th April 2017!

It's hard to take action when you don't know which way to go. Your vision is bigger than you can currently handle and it's weighing you down, rather than setting you free.

  • Dora Nikolaou
    After having 12 months off with my second child I struggled with what to do next. Natasha and Clarity Base Camp really helped me work out what comes next for me. It made me reflect on my style, my passions, and helped me find myself both personally and professionally. I cannot thank Natasha enough for creating this program and offering it to us. I have done similar programs but her passion for what she does and her unique style really inspired me. She is a shining light with so much helpful and amazing advice and guidance.
    Dora Nikolaou

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What's the itinerary?

Clarity Base Camp rerun will kick off on Tuesday 18th April 2017, plus you will have lifetime access to all resources.

  • Email Updates

    Delivered directly to your inbox with your scheduled activity for the day and extra curricular options if you're feeling up to it.

  • Videos and Q&A

    I'll be going live in the FB Group to guide you through each activity and answer your questions along the way.

  • Live Finale Party

    We'll wrap up the live run with a group call via Zoom and hot seat opportunities to dive into all that you've learnt.

  • Private Facebook Group

    This is your virtual camp ground, the perfect place to seek support and help each other along the way.

  • Regular Check Points

    An opportunity for you to check in for feedback if you feel you're lagging behind. We start together, we finish together.

  • Lifetime Access to Resources

    The content will be with you always to dive back in whenever you need to.

What's included?

  • Guided Tours

    You'll leave overwhelm, self-sabotage and procrastination on the tour bus and be guided on this eye-opening adventure by Discovery Coach Natasha Vanzetti.

  • Safety Drill

    You'll learn how to stay on track, and not get lost in the wilderness of too many ideas.

  • Packing List

    You'll receive a packing list in advance so you know exactly what you need to bring and what you can leave behind. (No more last minute suitcase stuffing on this expedition.)

  • Clarity Map

    You'll graduate with a personalised Clarity Map to help guide you into the future.

  • Maile Steele
    It’s a MUST to take on Clarity Base Camp with the direction of Natasha Vanzetti! She knows the questions to ask to get YOU thinking which allows YOU to come up with the answers within. This is so powerful! Natasha is unique in what she offers as a Discovery Coach. I would not miss a thing from this woman! Get up off your bums and get to it. I can’t recommend her enough. Get on it!
    Maile Steele

Join us at Clarity Base Camp so you can finally move forward in a direction that feels right for you! 

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Clarity Base Camp gets results!

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the reinvention process, and your vision for how we can systematically improve our clarity is extremely insightful. The results achieved in only one week are beyond my expectations. I feel confident that the clarity I have gained by completing Clarity Base Camp will impact on my business in the year to come. Pre-camp the concept of clarity was an elusive aspiration – now I have information and a process to work with, deconstructed into meaningful steps. The content and structure were excellent, and the combination of your hard-earned knowledge, the supporting resource materials you shared, and the insights from our co-campers made it rich learning indeed. You provided a fantastic learning journey. I enjoyed it. I learnt. I am clearer as a result of this program.
    Ellise Barkley | Partnerships and Management Consultant
  • Fantastic!! I especially enjoyed the Clarity Map where you decide on your 3 activities, then plan out the details. That has really helped me get clear on the actions that I am going to take.
    Carrie Hawson
  • Having participated in Clarity Base Camp this week I have finally got clarity on what to do for my email marketing strategy and exactly where I want to take the business now, over the next 12 months and beyond. I am actually really excited about my journey thanks to Tash's wisdom and guidance. It was the first time she held this virtual clarity base camp and it has been, well, awesome. I am sure she'll do another one based on the fantastic response and when she does, do it! You won't regret it.
    Nicky Deitz-McMillan
  • Having my job come to an abrupt end along with both my mother and sister fighting the cancer journey, I found myself completely lost. Defined by my job and title - I had forgotten me. A friend recommended joining Natasha's Clarity Base Camp. I did so without hesitation and without hope it would "work" - why would it when I wasn't interested in starting a business. I was not prepared for the positive impact Natasha's words have had. I feel my emotional fog has lifted, and I have found answers within myself that have satisfied my need to question - especially myself. Clarity Base Camp confirmed what I was thinking but didn't have the courage to voice. I have found my confidence to let go and embrace curiosity for what is out there for me. Natasha is an amazing woman and I hope to continue to have her in my life!
    Laura Roberts

Big girl panties a must! Marshmallows optional...

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Meet Your Guide - Discovery Coach Natasha Vanzetti

NV transparent backgroundAs a Discovery Coach™ and Speaker Natasha helps striving entrepreneurs discover their business sweet spot & what’s standing in their way. After 20+ years of working in the small business and corporate arena’s, running workshops and presenting to thousands of people, Natasha had two very big questions that kept coming up.

What am I here to do? Who am I here to help?

She also realised she wasn’t the only one. Natasha now helps business owners from all over the globe create clarity, confidence and action to build a business that serves them both emotionally and financially.

Natasha is a regular writer and contributor for, a collaborator with Team Women Australia and guest contributor on podcasts and publications worldwide.

When she’s not criss-crossing the globe online you’ll find her taking her dog for a sunrise run or hanging out with her kids at the skate-park or horse paddock.

Can't make that date or still have some questions?

Get in touch now!
  • Melissa Luxmoore -
    I have loved working with Natasha. I look forward to every call with her. She has the perfect blend of nurturing and kick in the butt that I need. As I wander off on tangents (all great ideas, of course!), she gently pulls me back on track and sets me up with the tools and advice I need to take another leap forward. Thanks to Natasha, I am moving forward and finding my place in the new life that I chose for myself.
    Melissa Luxmoore -

Simply sign up and your itinerary and packing list will be sent straight to your inbox! 

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Adventures are way more fun with friends so be sure to invite your business buddies along!