If the thought of stepping into the unknown, trying something without knowing the outcome or following your curiosity against all logic excites you, you’re on track!

If however you prefer to sit and wait until everything makes sense, you have enough time and money to start and you’ve articulated the perfect idea, we need to talk.

Uncertainty was always something I was taught to stay away from. I think we all were. But the more I stray from my original path the more I’ve realised that it is uncertainty that will yield the biggest rewards.


Logic doesn’t always make sense.

Although we’re taught to play it safe, follow a perfectly logical path and be happy with where we land for some of us this just doesn’t feel right. I’ve heard countless stories of people that have walked away from logic to find a life they could never have dreamed of.

Take Alistair Humphrey’s for example. He turned down his dream teaching job to cycle 46,000 miles around the world and is now a documentary filmmaker, author and speaker.

You can listen to a great interview with him here.

He sensed that if he took that job straight out of university, he would never achieve anything truly exciting in his life. Unfortunately I believe it’s a story so many of us can relate to.


Confidence and courage is a skill.

Then there is Brandon Stanton who has created the phenomenon ‘Humans of New York’. He was fired from his job as a Bond Trader and decided to follow his curiosity and embrace uncertainty. He moved to New York with two suitcases and a camera to start a photo project that evolved into the Humans of New York you see today.

Brandon says ‘Confidence, and courage, is a skill. They are things you can learn to do. You can learn to be brave. The way to learn courage is to be afraid of something and do it anyway.’ (Spoken in Episode 202 – Magic Lessons podcast.)


‘The way to learn courage is to be afraid of something and do it anyway.’ – Brandon Stanton


Now you may be thinking that these are pretty extreme examples. Yes they are, but that’s my point. These guys were average human beings who made a choice. They chose to embrace uncertainty and do something that excited and terrified them. To do something extraordinary.

This lesson applies to all of us.


Embracing uncertainty will reward you more than waiting until everything is perfect.

I left my cushy corporate job to try something new. I stalled and waited for the perfect answer to come to me, but I soon realised I had to go and find it. It is only since embracing uncertainty and trying things that piqued my curiosity that I am finding my place in the world in a way that makes me truly smile.

  • It was embracing uncertainty that allowed me to climb Mt Kinabalu in Borneo with only a few weeks to prepare.
  • It was embracing uncertainty that has allowed me to raise over $100,000 in two months for a friend whose daughter needed specialist medical treatment.
  • It was embracing uncertainty that has allowed me to discover a side of me I never knew existed.

I am an ordinary person who wants to do extraordinary things. But to do that, I need to fully embrace uncertainty and do the things I’m afraid to do. And you need to do that too.

I’m far from perfect at this and it’s a process I’m extremely curious about. I will continue to push through my fears and seek out a life of extraordinary moments. And I’ll share my journey in the hope of helping you push through your fears too.


Stop waiting.

So if you’re sitting and waiting for everything to make sense, I want you to admit to yourself that now is the right time to start. You have enough curiosity about something to take the next step.

Embrace your uncertainty and get ready to embark on a beautiful journey. Share with me below how you’ve handled uncertainty in the past and how you’re going to embrace it in the future.

Love your work, Tash

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