How many times in the last month have you been completely overwhelmed?

No idea which task to tackle next. No idea where to focus your time. No idea which idea is the right one for you.

Don’t let your next 6 months slip away from you like the last 6.

With Focus Forward we’re going to get you out of your habit of indecision and inaction, and working on the things that will actually move you, and your business, forward.

Your overwhelm stems from hesitation and indecision.

You’re not sure about your idea so you start to research, then you become so paralysed by the thoughts of what you need to do, what could go wrong, and let’s be honest, what other people will think.

Rather than stay buried under the weight of overwhelm I want to help you focus forward.

Get the perspective you can’t see yourself, plus receive the guidance, support and plan you need to move forward.

What exactly is 'Focus Forward'?

4 weeks of 1:1 dedicated support & focus!

This program is designed to get you clear and focused around what you want to create, and the steps you need to take to make that happen.

We’ll work together over 4 x 1hr super focused sessions via Zoom covering:


Week 1: Vision – Get Clear on what it is you actually want to create.

Week 2: Distraction vs Action – Identify your distratction habits and learn how to take the right type of action going forward.

Week 3: Visibility – Time to come out of hiding and show people who you are and how you can help, in a way that feels great to you.

Week 4: Creating your Focus Forward Plan – This is your roadmap showing you exactly what you need to focus on next.


But that’s not all folks…

  • You’ll receive a personalised action plan + recording after each session.

  • You’ll have me on tap via email for feedback, guidance and cheerleading.

  • You’ll have started to identify when Mindshit is at play, and how you can overcome it.

  • You’ll discover that you do have what it takes to make your business work.

I have loved working with Natasha, and look forward to every call with her. She has the perfect blend of nurturing and kick in the butt I need. As I wander off on tangents (all great ideas of course!), she gently pulls me back on track with the tools and advice I need to take another leap forward. Thanks to Natasha I am moving forward and finding my place in the new life that I chose for myself. – Melissa Luxmoore

My mindset has shifted, action has been taken and I feel like the next 6 months looks quite a lot freer, clearer and more doable than it did 30 days ago. – Alison Watson

FINALLY... You can move into the business you know you were meant to have. Claim your spot now!

Natasha had a significant impact on my direction and mindset. I’ve gained more clarity and direction in business, and life, in the few months of working with her than the many months and investment in other personal development and mentoring programs. Natasha has a natural ability to earn rapport, respect, trust and enthusiasm from her clients to be the best version of themselves. – Nicky McMillan

Natasha has given me the clarity, inspiration and support I desperately needed to move forward in my current business.The supportive and inspiring environment that Natasha has created is the perfect incubator to help you find true clarity and direction. Her knowledge and guidance is invaluable in peeling back the layers to finding your true direction.- Marie Broderick 


‘Yeah that’s great Tash, but why should I work with you?’ you may be asking….

Because I know what it’s like to want to create time and financial freedom for you and your family, but all you seem to do is be stuck to the laptop never feeling like you have time to pee and eat lunch, let alone read a full book or take all the school holidays off to spend time with your kids.

I know how sucky it can be to be a beginner again at so many things, when you’re used to showing up and being successful at the career you built for so many years.

I know how terrifying it is when you have an idea that excites you to the core, but you don’t feel you’ll ever be ready to share it.

I know how much it stings when things don’t work out the way you’d hoped, and you start to feel more and more like a failure.

I know what it’s like to slap on the smile and say ‘everything’s fine’ when you’re really wondering how long it is before someone figures out you think you’re in over your head.

I know what it’s like to doubt yourself and wonder why people should trust you when you haven’t got all your shit together. (Trust me, no one has all their shit together, but that doesn’t make them less qualified to help them do the thing they’re meant to do…)

I know what it’s like to desperately want the success you see everywhere around you, but have no idea where to start to get there.

I’m not saying I’m perfect and have everything figured out. But I do know I can help you get clear on your ideas, see the value lurking within you and create real momentum in your business, without burning out.

When does the program start and finish?

You can access my calendar and book your sessions as soon as you sign up. Sessions are generally held weekly over 4 weeks, however I’m happy to extend this over 6 weeks if you have holidays etc already planned.

How much time will this take each week?

You will get out of it what you put into it. There will be a 1 hour call each week, plus you will have things to implement after each session.

Rather than fill your week with all the busy, and perhaps not so productive tasks, you’ll be able to focus on the tasks that will move you and your business forward.

How much support will I get?

We will have 4 x 1 hour calls plus you have access to me via email throughout the 4 weeks. You can ask me questions, seek feedback on things you’ve been implementing or simply get talked off the ledge when you start to freak out.

Trust me, it’s so much easier to stop freaking out when you have support close by.

When you’re not sure where you want to go or what you want to be, clarity can be an irritatingly elusive beast. As a result, taking positive steps towards change can be overwhelming and seriously confronting. Thankfully, Natasha’s there to help you cut through the crap and start moving forwards.  – Shauna Maguire

FINALLY... You can move into the business you know you were meant to have. Claim your spot now!

I was confused, stressed and stagnant. Speaking to Tash turned all of that around for me. She helped me cut through the fear and get some clarity around a huge business decision. She uncovered the direction I wanted to take but couldn’t work out on my own through all of the noise. I cannot recommend Tash highly enough, she truly listens and asks all the right questions. – Anna Dower