When you think about the work you’re here to do, and the impact you want to make, how does it make you feel?

Do you feel overwhelmed and uncertain, or excited and open?

Do you tend to think inward, and worry about all You have to do or become?

Do you tend to think outward, and focus on the people you’re here to help?

I ask these questions because I’ve found that when I feel heavy, doubtful and a little self-centred about all I have to figure out, I am in tension.

Yet when I work from intention, and focus on the broader reason of who I want to help and why, I feel lighter and more open to what is out there waiting to be discovered.

The energy you bring to the work you do will filter through and been felt by those who encounter it. Working from a place of intention will help your message be heard in a much stronger way.

However when you are in tension, your work can feel forced and heavy and that shows.

Next time you feel under pressure, uncertain or doubtful that you have what it takes, take a moment to shift your perspective. Make it about someone other than yourself, and set an intention that supports that.

For example, when I was feeling stressed about a new group I had formed by accident,(shared an idea via Facebook Live and had 55 people join me in a number of days with no outline or plan of how I was actually going to do what I’d promised), I was reminded that this was not about me. This was about the people who were on board with my idea, and to think about them.

When I was able to move my internal feeling on angst to the people that had joined, everything shifted. The group was amazing and created some staggering results and relationships.

This simple shift can be used in life and business, and can help you achieve some amazing results.

So next time things are feeling a little hard or heavy, ask yourself ‘Do I need to shift from in tension to intention?’

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