When you’re about to launch into something new, or wondering if it’s even a good idea, doubt can set in.


You’re probably thinking that you’re not quite ready. Maybe you just need one more course. Maybe if you see what everyone else is doing the answers will come.


What if I told you you're ready now? What if I told you that you can ditch this feeling of angst in just a few simple steps?


I know whenever I’m overcome with indecision and overwhelm the weight of everything seems so much more.


You start looking around for answers but you get even more confused.


You know the answers come with action, but choosing that next step is becoming a nightmare.

Get the clarity & momentum you crave!

This session is perfect for you if you’re sick of being stuck. You want to stop spinning your wheels and actually move forward.


You want to get the ideas and options out of your head, and get crystal clear on which is the right direction for you.


Allow me to give you the fresh eyes and guidance your idea needs.


You’re too close to be objective and too attached to see it’s full potential right now.

How does it work?

BONUS - 30 Minute Zoom Follow Up Call

You'll also receive the gift of extra clarity, focus and accountability with this 30 minute follow up session. The catch is you must use it within 4 weeks of your original session.

Momentum Session
$249 AUD

Pre-Questionnaire so we can make every minute count

60 Minute Zoom Call + Recording

Personalised Action Plan

Follow up email & accountability

Private Facebook Community

BONUS 30 Minute Zoom follow up call - Must be used within 4 weeks of your original session

Want to know a little more about me?

Confession time…Natasha Vanzetti circle

I don’t have all the answers. You do. I just help you discover them.

After walking away from a successful 15 year career in Financial Services (burnt out and totally unfulfilled) I’ve now created a business and life I’d never even dreamt of.

But it wasn’t an easy road.

When I left my job (and that oh so juicy paycheck) I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I didn’t even know what else I could do.

I spent countless hours, months (OK years) and thousands of dollars on marketing courses and training to help me build a successful business. But I could never get the traction I needed.

I eventually realised I was creating a business around what I could do, not what I loved to do. So I got busy working out what was important to me, how I actually wanted to work and what skills I already had that could make that happen.

Now I’m loving the work I do, spending waaaay more time with my kids and have learnt to really appreciate all that I am and all that I can be.

I know first-hand how crippling indecision and overwhelm can be. I played in that arena for years trying to work everything out before I made a move.

But the answers don’t come when you’re still. They come by taking the right kind of action and knowing what to pay attention to along the way.

Now as a Discovery Coach™ I get to help other women from all over the globe tap into who they really want to be and how they want to work.

When I’m not criss-crossing the globe on Skype you’ll find me taking my dog for a sunrise run, or hanging out with my kids at the skate-park or horse paddock.

My weakness is cheesecake and chilled champagne but I’m also very partial to a good cup of tea (black no sugar).

Life is pretty sweet and I’d love to help you find your happy place too.

Still not sure?

I know asking for help is sometimes hard, but taking this small step is going to bring you closer to creating a business you love.


To build a business that is both emotionally and financially sustainable you have to make sure you’re creating something you really want. I know this sounds like common sense, but often we lose traction because we haven’t fully aligned our idea with who we really are.


It’s not about what you should create or about using everything in your toolbox.


Don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Do what’s right for you and those you love to work with.

Momentum Session
$249 AUD

Pre-questionnaire so we can make every minute count

60 Minute Zoom call + Recording

Personalised Action Plan

Follow up email and accountability

Private Facebook Community

BONUS 30 Minute Zoom follow up call - Must be used within 4 weeks of your original session

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