But instead of getting your big ideas out into the world, you’ve retreated to hiding behind the laptop, staying super busy, but also really stuck.

Stuck talking about your big ideas, but not doing anything about them. Stuck waiting until you feel ready. Stuck doing everything but the idea that’s calling you.

“I have loved working with Natasha, and look forward to every call with her. She has the perfect blend of nurturing and kick in the butt I need. As I wander off on tangents (all great ideas of course!), she gently pulls me back on track with the tools and advice I need to take another leap forward. Thanks to Natasha I am moving forward and finding my place in the new life that I chose for myself.” melissa luxmoore

The 'Now we see you' coaching program is perfect for you if you're ready to come out of hiding and play a much bigger game with your ideas.

what is it?

3 months of personalised guidance, coaching and accountability to get you clear on your big idea, and Mastering the Mindshit that’s keeping you small. This program will get you out of hiding so people can see how brilliant you really are.

who is it for?

Working alone or in a small team means you don’t always have that oh so important buffer of support to give you the insight and perspective you need. You’re so overwhelmed by everything you should be doing that you’ve lost sight of what it is you actually want to achieve, and how you’re going to get there.

what will you achieve? 

The confidence and clarity you’ve been aching for. It’s a place where clarity, momentum and magic will happen.

want to know more or ready to get started? 

If this sounds like what you’re looking for I’d love to chat. Let’s make sure we’re a good fit for where you are and what you want to achieve.


“When you’re not sure where you want to go or what you want to be, clarity can be an irritatingly elusive beast. As a result, taking positive steps towards change can be overwhelming and seriously confronting. Thankfully, Natasha’s there to help you cut through the crap and start moving forwards. I now know that my next step doesn’t have to be the ‘right’ step and I don’t need to have all the answers before I can commit to action. If any of this sounds familiar, I highly recommend Natasha’s coaching services – thoughtful, supportive and realistic, they’ve got everything you need to drive decisive action.” shauna maguire

“Natasha has given me the clarity, inspiration and support I desperately needed to move forward in my current business and explore new opportunities in where my true passion lies. The supportive and inspiring environment that Natasha has created is the perfect incubator to help you find true clarity and direction. Her knowledge and guidance is invaluable in peeling back the layers to finding your true direction.” Marie Broderick | THE GROW AGENCY

“Natasha had a significant impact on my direction and mindset. I’ve gained more clarity and direction in business, and life, in the few months of working with her than the many months and investment in other personal development and mentoring programs. Natasha has a natural ability to earn rapport, respect, trust and enthusiasm from her clients to be the best version of themselves.” nicky mcmillan | what’s my style



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