Always other stuff to do and major resistance (or Facebook scrolling) getting in the way.

Your big ideas are feeling further and further away as you sink into the overwhelm with #allthethings waving at you from your to do list.

Of course you know you’ll get it done, as soon as you work out where to start…

Maybe you want to launch a new product, nail down your audience, grow your email list, run an event or create new offers you love!

You know your ideas are worthless without action, but something always seems to get in the way. Momentum30 will change all that!

Say it with me… ‘In just 30 days I could be [insert your big, scary, audacious or game-changing idea here]!’

This isn’t just about to do lists and schedules.

This is about understanding how to break your ideas down, bypass the overthinking and feel supported as you step into the big ideas you have.

Let’s set the scene… Just you, me and an awesome group of women ready to cheer each other on.


  • 30 days of active support, guidance and accountability
  • 2 x 15 minute 1:1 hot seats
  • M30 Private Facebook Group*  
  • M30 Momentum Plan to track your success
  • Option to upgrade to 1:1 coaching calls at M30 discount rate

Kicking off on Monday 18th September with access to the Facebook Group for your virtual tour and introductions on Friday 15th September.

*Before you roll your eyes at the thought of another Facebook group, know that this will be your virtual office, training ground, support group and confessional over the 30 days.

Join us in Momentum30!

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“Momentum30 met and stomped on my expectations! It was structured and personalised, but it was also flexible. I can’t believe how Natasha helped me turn my overwhelm into an organised and much more manageable list of things I could tackle! I have achieved so much in 30 days.” dora nikolaou | copywriter


Join us in Momentum30!

Yes I want in!

What does it cover?

Momentum30 is about more than just your schedule and to do list. It covers all of the necessary pieces to make you truly take action on your ideas.

“My mindset has shifted, action has been taken and I feel like the next 6 months looks quite a lot freer, clearer and more doable than it did 30 days ago.” alison watson | boost literacy


Join us in Momentum30!

Yes I want in!

Hey I’m Tash, Discovery Coach & Mentor, and your guide and Chief Cheerleader in Momentum30

I understand your struggle, better yet I can help you through it. I’ve helped emerging entrepreneurs from all over the globe get clear on their big ideas, and Master the MindShit that keeps them playing small. I believe there is no value in playing small, but there is huge potential in starting small.  

[MindShit – the stories we believe that keep us playing small]

I’m also the creator of the Think Big Start Small podcast, a regular writer and contributor for, collaborator with Team Women Australia and guest contributor on podcasts and publications worldwide.

“Natasha has this uncanny ability to truly help break down a process that feels (is) doable. Her presence and gift of knowing what words will resonate with each individual she works with is AMAZING!” Tina Zaremba |


Still have some questions?

What is the schedule for call times?

I work with clients all over the globe and I know what a challenge timezones can be. So the M30 schedule is flexible to accommodate for all timezones in the final group. Your Hot Seats will be arranged a time that suits us both. No middle of the night wake-ups, I promise!

I’m pretty busy, how much time will it take each week?

This is about taking small, yet mighty steps into the ideas you have. Of course, you will get out of it what you put into it, but you’ll also start to identify how to cut the overwhelm and #busy from your to do list, and focus on what’s really important.

is there a payment plan?

Absolutely! Just click through to join and you can choose full or partial payment.

When does it start?

We’ll be kicking off on Monday 11th September and wrapping up on Tuesday 10th October. You’ll get access to the Facebook Group on Friday 8th September so you can jump in, take a virtual tour and get to know the rest of the group.

Will the program be personalised?

I take everyone’s individual goals into account, and tailor my responses and input accordingly. You will also get 2 x 1:1 Hot Seats that let us get super specific on any problems you have or advice you might need.

I’m great at starting things, but not so great at finishing. How will this help?

Ah yes, I know this story well. A big part of Momentum30 is understanding what’s really stopping you from following through on your ideas and how you can overcome that. We’ll have you achieving more in 30 days than you have in months, maybe even years.

What’s a Momentum Plan?

When you join Momentum30 you’ll get access to your very own Momentum Plan to track your progress and success. This is set up in Google Sheets and is yours to keep after the program. This is where you can track your goals, action items, resistance and rewards and has been well received by past Momentum30 participants.

What if I want more 1:1 time with you?

No problem! You’ll be able to purchase additional 1:1 coaching calls with me during Momentum30 for only $99. That’s a huge discount on my normal private coaching sessions so be sure to make the most of them if you need additional support.

I’m pretty overwhelmed at the moment, and not sure I can take another program on.

Breaking down your ideas into a manageable to do list will help you tackle the overwhelm. I’ll show you how the small consistent steps you take will get you the momentum you crave without having to sacrifice your sleep or time with loved ones.

Are places limited?

Yep! I want to make sure I can give all participants the time and attention they need during the 30 days so I’ll be capping the number of people. If you’re on the fence, don’t leave it too late or you may miss out.

Join us in Momentum30!

Yes I want in!

Enjoy your eBook!